“2020 Stevie Awards for Great Employers” for our new onboarding program!

Our onboarding program has been recognized by The Stevie Awards for Great Employers, which is honoring the world’s best employers who help to create and drive great places to work. We are delighted to be awarded for our non-stop effort to create a work environment where every team member is happy. 

As a strongly bonded community, “Team Spirit” is one of the most important key values of Inveon. We know that a successful business is achievable with employees who feel part of the team from day one. In this sense, we are eager to provide a warm welcome to everyone who joins us.

Our team, composed of a diverse top talent that has an average age of 28, makes our success possible

In order to build a strong team spirit from day one, our HR team redesigned the whole newcomer journey. A unique, entertaining “Welcome on Board” program was designed. It increased the satisfaction of newcomers, as well as other employees.

Do you remember the football player cards you have collected as a child?

The program was inspired by football card collections. The newcomer is expected to meet our employees, make them select a hidden question card, and ask it. After they get the answer, they take that person’s sticker and put it on the notebook. So, they are not just meeting a team member they are also making friends immediately!

When they collect at least 80% of all stickers -which means meeting 80% of the Inveon team- they get the Inveon Welcome Kit, which is composed of a cloth bag that includes a Bluetooth headphone, a personalized thermos, and a black, branded sweatshirt.

The program resulted in increased happiness of new teammates, and a fun onboarding process, which endorses a significant increase in employee engagement.

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