adL upped its game with Inveon’s inCommerce platform!

Founded in 1992, adL has become one of the most successful fashion brands in Turkey with its continuously growing loyal customer base. Since opening its first store abroad in 2002, adL has continued to expand globally. Today, there are more than 150 adL stores worldwide.

adL and Inveon have been digital commerce partners since 2014. This year, they teamed up again to transfer’s infrastructure to the inCommerce platform in order to align its digital commerce capabilities with the brand’s growing online customers. 

Now with its faster and more flexible infrastructure, adL’s digital commerce channel offers users a more convenient and seamless experience. The platform’s one-page-checkout feature enables customers to fill in their information such as addresses and payment without having to move further to another page.

Moreover, with the aim of providing a better customer experience to adL clients, the UI&UX design of the website was completely renewed. adL and Inveon team’s combined efforts have already presented a positive impact on customer satisfaction, conversion rate and revenue generated.

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