Are you keeping up with the change?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the adaptation skills of merchants became necessary for the sake of their businesses. Changing consumer behaviors, increased interest in different product groups and the rise of e-commerce shifted the existing set of rules, and made quick decisions essential.

These changes disrupted the existing strategies. While the crisis plans were put into effect, in line with the changing dynamics, we encountered trends that were not expected to happen within a few years but in a few months.

As a result, the most important challenge in e-commerce has become being agile.


You should develop agility in;

  • Inventory management
  • Scaling
  • 3rd party management
  • Integrations
    … and more

Some industries have experienced a major increase in demand while others have experienced an extreme decrease. Successful management of inventory was required to meet the increasing demand. Integrating offline stocks with online channels has become essential. While some of the increasing demand stemmed from existing customers, there was also an intense increase in potential new customers.

With this increase, there were more potential new customers shopping online, and companies had to act promptly to benefit from this increase. In order to develop habits in new targeted consumers and strengthen brand performance, the consumers’ demand should be analyzed in detail and quick actions must be taken.


The tip of the iceberg

Well, let’s assume that you have successfully managed the points mentioned above. You have acquired new customers, managed your inventory very effectively but what about logistics? Payment systems? Remarketing tools?

When you take the necessary actions, your business may not keep up with those arrangements. 

The topics mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are a player in the e-commerce world and do not want your business to remain vulnerable; you should pay attention to the main idea. Which is the quick determination of your organization’s different needs and addressing them effectively. While you are trying to manage organizational requirements, developing a strong partnership ecosystem is as important as critical decision making.

In order to keep up with change, your partner in e-commerce infrastructure must provide a product that flexible enough to keep up with your rapid decisions.

An e-commerce infrastructure must be;

  • Scalable – Thus, you can respond immediately to increasing demand
  • Robust – Never worry about inadequate performance
  • Adaptable – Easily develops an adapts to your online growth
  • Flexible – Manage and customize content readily to accurately represent the brand identity

And, most importantly;

  • Agile – Keep up with rapid and continuous changes in customer behavior

As you can guess, a challenge for some can present an advantage to others. To be the one who takes advantage of the change rather than struggling, you have to work with the right business partner.


Inveon, as a digital commerce partner, offers an agile, robust, and responsive omnichannel infrastructure for your business. We unlock the commerce potential of organizations with our prospering technology through our platform product: inCommerce.

Additionally, as an agile e-commerce infrastructure provider, through our GrowthLab services, 

we offer strategic growth management in critical areas to ensure your business is keeping up with new trends and achieving sustainable online growth. While providing the necessary infrastructural needs with our product group inCommerce, we strengthen online performance with our GrowthLab services.

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