B&G Store won by effectively meeting its customers’ changing needs

B&G Store was founded in 2000, with the mission of becoming the most modern kids wear brand in Turkey. The brand became the leader of the industry in a short period of time.

Helping its customers during the crisis

During the crisis, B&G Store was aware that its customers needed mother & baby care products but did not want to visit physical stores to health concerns. Therefore, the brand launched a new “Mother and Baby Care” category on its digital commerce website. The category includes about 350 essential products that include baby shampoos, wet wipes, diapers, and much more.

How did Inveon help B&G Store?

Inveon GrowthLab helped B&G Store by creating the communication strategy of the category that boosted cross-sales. With data analytics, the GrowthLab team detected the most relevant categories for B&G customers during this period. In turn, easier shopping experience was created. 

  • Digital channel variety was increased
  • Retargeting initiatives
  • Effective use of push notifications
  • Increased focus on social media

The effect of our collaboration

To measure the improvement in performance, we compared the first half of March with the first half of June. Results demonstrate that B&G Store achieved:

  • 61% increase in traffic 
  • 101% increase in online revenue
  • Doubled up the number of transactions

During crisis periods, brands that meet their customers’ changing needs achieve a stronger relationship with their customers, as well as winning new ones.

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