Can you sense the smell of Atelier Rebul?

This post is sponsored by a delightful scent, thanks to Atelier Rebul. Atelier Rebul was founded in 1895 in Istanbul, by Jean Cesar Reboul. Since then, the brand has become a huge success and preserves its legacy and quality, leading to high customer trust to this day.

Understanding customer experience

Atelier Rebul’s product portfolio includes perfumes, eau de colognes, pharmacy, home, bath & body, skincare, hair care and gift products. The brand mixes pharmaceutical expertise of the past with minimal designs and elegance. Atelier Rebul’s products do not contain any paraben, mineral oil or other harmful chemicals, and products and raw materials are not tested on animals. Their philosophy is that each ingredient has a purpose.

After we started working together, we were very careful about protecting the deep-rooted Turkish brand essence along the process. We explored Atelier Rebul’s customer personas and created a suitable UI & UX design fitting for their needs. Taking the global design trends and the brand’s signature elegance into account, we created a simple yet beautiful design.

Looking for ways to optimize customer experience

Atelier Rebul’s new online store,, offers a fast and convenient omnichannel shopping experience for customers. With the robust and adaptive platform, customers now have frictionless shopping journeys. Soon, customers will be able to create online product reservations at physical stores.

Thanks to the Inveon and Atelier Rebul team for their hard work in completing this project. We look forward to announcing more of our success stories soon, tune in! 

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