Colin’s is now live online in Ukraine!

Colin’s has been more than just a ready-wear retailer since its establishment in 1983. With more than 600 stores in 38 countries of the world, Colin’s catches up the speed and spirit of today, offering its customers innovation, fit, and quality together.

We have been continuing our digital commerce partnership since 2014. Over the years, we have developed an unusual trust and team spirit.

This year, we teamed up again to launch Colin’s’ online store for the Ukraine market. During the hard-working project period, their digital commerce platform has been integrated with the Ukraine-based courier and payment companies that allow them an easier and safer localization. 

Colin’s online store in Ukraine is now live on The brand already has more than 100 physical stores in Ukraine. We are proud to say that they have chosen us to complement their offline presence with our robust and scalable omnichannel commerce platform.

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