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The world’s prominent companies trust Inveon as their digital commerce partner

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berk ozer

Berk ÖzerHead of E-commerce - Yargıcı

The biggest concern for us was the timeliness of the project. Inveon was able to put our concerns to rest by completing the project even before the promised date. The flexible and customizable infrastructure of inCommerce has strengthened our ability to enhance customer experience. Returns from our customers have been great in that sense. We are now able to define separate prices and create separate campaigns for all countries around the world. This has provided us with the flexibility that we have always envisioned, that provided remarkable contributions to our performance in sales and customer acquisition.

onur sarı 1

Onur SarıE-Commerce Manager - Under Armour

The most important reasons why we preferred Inveon while opening our e-commerce channel in Turkey were that the team was highly experienced and that their clients were from related sectors. We thank Inveon for their contribution to the localization of Under Armour, one of the world’s biggest and most important sportswear brands, and for the successful management of its digital operations in Turkey.

Under Armour
Çiğdem Yılmaz

Çiğdem YılmazRetail Sales Manager - Columbia / Gözalan Group

We couldn’t get the right feedback from our online platforms, we didn’t have enough experience for that. We started to work with Inveon to strengthen our e-commerce platform. Inveon didn’t only provide us with a website and an infrastructure, but also supported us in terms of improving our customer experience, increasing marketing activities and reaching our customers more accurately. We work together with confidence and love.


Ali SarıkayaE-Commerce Manager - Gülaylar Group

We started to work with the Inveon GrowthLab team in order to increase the efficiency of our marketing campaigns and improve our relationship with consumers, especially during specific campaign periods. Our collaboration started with the Mother’s Day Campaign and Inveon team enabled us to have a very productive period by taking exactly the right actions in a limited time frame. Since that day, with their expertise and strong data analysis capability, Inveon provided our brand a sustainable and significant growth and increasing consumer loyalty. Even though there is a decreasing consumer interaction in the jewelry market during the Covid-19 outbreak, the joint work of Gülaylar – Diamond Line and GrowthLab accomplished satisfying results.

bülent eskinazi 1

Bülent EskinaziVice Chairman of Board - Mebderi / Kipling

Our partnership with Inveon goes back to 2012, when we launched Kipling’s online store for the first time. With their innovative approach, the Inveon team continues to develop its products by keeping up with evolving technologies. We were able to meet the growing demand of our customers by transferring our digital commerce operations to the more advanced and flexible omnichannel platform that Inveon renewed. With this renewed platform, we have managed to reach out to our customers with great speed, security and reliability that increased customer satisfaction by following their journey from online to offline and vice versa. As a result, throughout this journey, we have built deeper relationships with our customers, and we have become part of the Inveon family. I would definitely recommend Inveon for companies who would like to have a long-term and reliable partnership for their digital commerce success.

melis artun

Melis ArtunHead of E-Commerce - Zorlu Holding

We had the chance to work with Inveon through each step of our e-commerce initiative from infrastructure development to digital marketing. We are very satisfied with the value Inveon has added to our digital commerce channels.

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Tulin 1

Tülin Arslan AkalınE-Commerce Department Manager - Hotiç

Inveon provided a comprehensive solution to our issues in the sales and inventory management processes by developing and managing the whole Hotiç Omnichannel Pay-in-Store project from scratch. We regard this project as the most important digitalization initiative in our company’s history. While our customer interaction and satisfaction was improving as well as our brand value, the increase in the sales and revenue exceeded our high expectations and made other retailers give more importance to developing omni-channel strategies.

cem citak 1

Cem ÇıtakSales Operations & E-commerce Manager - BriSA

Inveon is our partner in achieving continuous digital growth. Their experience and passion in this area ensure sustainable digital development. If we have to define GrowthLab in one word, we would describe it as collaborative. They are a team of experts that always communicate openly, are proactive and successful in execution. GrowthLab is a natural member of our internal team and together with them, we are actively working on increasing the efficiency of our digital commerce operations, as well as improving the impact of all communication channels. In the meantime, we know that they will continue to guide us towards our challenging target with regard to our digital growth. Many thanks to our teammates at Inveon.


Success Stories

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    Bizim Toptan, which started its activities in 2001 with 14 stores, today has become the largest cash & carry player in Turkey with its 174 stores and operations both in B2B and B2C markets. Through a wide range of customer types, both corporate and individual, such as grocery stores, supermarkets, specialized retailers, hotels, restaurants, and

    June 2, 2021
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    Currently, everyone is faced with the same challenge: how to express an attractive message in a creative way in this fast-moving world. While creating a campaign for the holiday season or building a marketing strategy to sell more products in your online store, almost every business experiences this situation.  Throughout this challenge, even though we’re

    March 22, 2021
  • Gülaylar – Diamond Line accelerated performance with GrowthLab!

    Gülaylar – Diamond Line, as Gülaylar Group’s pacesetter jewelry branch, has an outstanding experience of about 100 years. The company operates a wide range of activities from design to production, wholesale to retail with a highly integrated structure. Gülaylar – Diamond Line Jewelry, with its distinguished and quality product collections, exports to more than 55

    March 1, 2021

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