FC360 Loading: Are we prepared for the post-COVID-19 era?

The way retailers and consumer goods companies operate has been broadly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with all other industries. During this period, we have witnessed that digital commerce has become the only revenue source for them. The unforeseen crisis resulted in an increased awareness of decision-makers for the necessity of an accelerated digital transformation.

We became the main sponsor of the online conference, Future Commerce 360 Loading, in order to shed light on the effects of this crisis on e-commerce, discuss what the numbers say, and share insights and experiences with industry leaders.

“Are we prepared for the post-COVID-19 era?”

Mutlu Erturan, CCO of Hepsiburada, Sedat Yıldırım, Founder & CEO of İstegelsin and Murat Karadağ, Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development in India, the Middle East, and Africa at CEVA Logistics, searched for an answer to this question at the panel moderated by our CEO Yomi Kastro. 

Speed has more value than ever

The CCO of Hepsiburada, Mutlu Erturan, shared how Hepsiburada had increased its supply chain capacities and mentioned that with this pandemic, the concept of “speed” has gained more value. She noted that during this period, 1,5 million people in Turkey shopped online for the first time. Erturan also stated that she believes business models developed after the outbreak would become permanent.

A higher level of agility

Sedat Yıldırım, the CEO and Founder of Istegelsin, emphasized the major change in customer habits by mentioning that consumers started to order online rather than going to supermarkets. He stated that İstegelsin was highly aware of its responsibility towards people who had to rely on them for their supermarket and grocery shopping. Sedat Yıldırım also noted that they were positioning themselves as the new age supermarket and had to become more agile than before with the pandemic.

Logistics playing a vital role

The Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development in India, the Middle East, and Africa at CEVA Logistics, Murat Karadağ, underlined that one of the key players of the COVID-19 period is the logistics industry because of the ever-increased responsibility. He explained that especially deliveries to hospitals had increased during this period, and consumers were particularly supportive and understanding. Moreover, Murat Karadağ mentioned that he believed there will be a greater boost in e-commerce than before. He also mentioned that this boost in e-commerce will be gradual. 

46% of the increase in e-commerce would be permanent
Yomi Kastro addressed a question to the event attendees composed of about 950 industry leaders: “How much of the increase in the e-commerce market would be permanent after the COVID-19 period?”. Answers varying from 5% to 100% were collected in real-time and an average of 46% was calculated. In other words, about 950 retail and consumer goods leaders expect that 46% of all increase in e-commerce during this period would be permanent in the post-COVID-19 era.

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