Inveon broke a new record with the Watsons 7.7. Online Shopping Fest!

Inveon and Watsons Turkey carried out an Online Shopping Festival together on the 7th of July. The campaign broke a new record among e-commerce campaigns in many areas, including sales volume, traffic and conversion rate.

16 products were sold per second!

The number of visitors reached 12,000, and 16 products were sold per second. Moreover, during the campaign a single user added a total of 97 products within a single basket! With the 7.7. Online Shopping Festival, Watsons gained 13.5 times more new members than the daily average, in just 24 hours.

Mobile revenue generated the 78% of the total revenue.

An increase in the volume of mobile shopping was also witnessed in the results of the campaign. Mobile shoppers accounted for 78% of the total revenue generated from the Watsons Online Shopping Festival. While mobile users constitute 93% of all traffic, 1 out of 3 users visited the online store through social media accounts.

Conversion rate hit 17.3%…

Compared to the previous month’s average, the number of Watsons online store visitors has increased by 3 times. Moreover, the campaign had a conversion rate of 17.3% on desktop, and 8.4% on mobile.

WatsonsInfographic ing 01

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