Inveon won the EuroAsian Startup Awards’ “Investor of the Year” award with its investment arm Inventures

Inveon, with its venture capital arm Inventures, won the “Investor of the Year” award at the EuroAsian Startup Awards Turkey, which is one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship awards in the world – the Global Startup Awards.

By applying a distinguished business model from the usual venture capital companies, Inveon does not only invest financially in startups, but also shares it business know-how, business development approaches and network with potential startups and their stakeholders through Inventures.

Yomi Kastro, the Founder and CEO of Inveon, stated that Inveon aims to add the technological value they produce together with the startups they invest in to its customers, by offering exceptional digital commerce solutions:

“As Inveon, we are delighted to receive this award. We have created an ecosystem for Inveon’s stakeholders. Today, with our platforms and solutions, the annual e-commerce volume of the companies we serve in 11 countries has exceeded $1 billion. We want all our stakeholders to benefit from this growing ecosystem and, most importantly, from this know-how.

We do not only invest in companies with Inventures. In addition to providing financial benefits and mentoring, we continue to support them in terms of technology, business development, team building and management. In doing so, we share what we have learned at Inveon with entrepreneurs and enable them to benefit from this collected information. On the other hand, with our flagship Inveon, we integrate the products of the companies we invest in through Inventures with our own products, to provide more holistic solutions to our customers.

By combining our strengths, we offer digital commerce solutions with the latest technology available to retail companies. We will continue to invest in teams with a global vision in various fields, especially in digital commerce technologies, with whom we can grow together.”

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