FutureCommerce360: Shaping the Future of Commerce

The fastest-growing technologies are influencing the way consumers behave, companies position themselves to adapt and shape the future. In order to better understand what’s next and help create a better future for digital commerce, we decided to become the main sponsor of the Future Commerce 360 Conference.

We organized a session, with the moderation of our CEO Yomi Kastro and the participation of Andre Jordao, the CEO and Founder of Barkyn, Şervan Adar Avşar, the Head of E-Commerce at Watsons, Ozan Bektaş, Head of E-commerce at Coca-Cola CCI and Serdar Ersoy, the COO of DeFacto, where they shared their insights and practices in digital commerce.

Check out the recaps from this session.

Barkyn: Human connection is the next e-commerce

Barkyn is an all-included subscription company for dogs, headquartered in Portugal and active in Italy and Spain. It is also featured among Wired Magazine’s Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups 2019 list and has recently raised €1,7 million in investment. 

Barkyn is different from many startups we know today with its incredibly innovative business model. They provide hyper-personalized services with each box, connection and communication with a vet. Andre Jordao stated that the recipe for success in subscription-based models are solving convenience issues, diversifying offerings, providing brand engagement and good user experience.

Jordao mentioned that providing an omnichannel experience through web and mobile devices, supporting a 360° experience with their products, such as personalized recipes, pharmacy and supplements are going to be their next actions for growth. He stated that commerce experiences with human connection, serving individuals and products that are combined with services are the future of digital commerce.

Watsons: A global case

In 2017, Watsons Turkey started its journey as the first major online store of cosmetics in Turkey. In a very short period of time, it became a global case-study with the huge growth in brand endorsement and digital customers. As of November, they reached a total of 1 million online customers.

Şervan Adar Avşar, Head of E-commerce at Watsons, outlined several reasons for this success; building a correct team structure, creating online based promotions, developing an annual e-commerce plan with suppliers and effective team coordination. Practices like “-1 TL Shipping” and “Surprise Box” and their effect on sales were also discussed.

Avşar talked about the success of the 11.11 Online Shopping Festival 2019 which resulted in the sale of more than 165,000 products in a single day. Avşar also mentioned their future plans by discussing a personalized journey’s correlation with online-offline integration. 

Coca-Cola CCI: Online-only is the next

Coca-Cola CCI is one of the largest and most established companies in the world with more than 400 million consumers. In such established companies long processes and adaptation problems are common, but Coca-Cola CCI is not one of them. They realized the pioneering CCINEXT Project in digital transformation. Such that the CCINEXT Project received a Stevie Award in the Supply Chain Management category. 

Ozan Bektaş shared the award-winning CCINEXT project’s results:

  • 20,000 online orders placed from CCINext customers
  • 15 million in sales
  • Users scored 9 million TL in rewards
  • Operational costs decreased

DeFacto: the first comprehensive smart store

DeFacto recently pioneered the first comprehensive smart store in Turkey. Serdar Ersoy shared the story behind the Smart Store and presented their striking video. 

DeFacto offers smart mirrors, product reviews with VR glasses and automatic check-out at their digital store. The combination of these technologies benefit customers in creating a better shopping experience and benefit the environment with zero paper consumption.

Moreover, they have lowered loss of sales by 90% through this store, while gaining 100% accuracy in their stock management. Ersoy also discussed his insights on the future of digital transformation and how it affects the retail sector.

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