Strengthening Brand Recognition and Loyalty: Zwilling JA Henckels 

by Inveon in January 19th, 2022

Strong, lasting brand recognition and loyalty come from the quality of the relationship you build with your customers. With a history spanning three centuries, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels has sustained a reputation for delivering premium kitchen products. As a reputable leader in the cutlery industry, the company began producing high-quality knives and has since expanded to include a collection of cookware, flatware, glassware, and kitchen gadgets. Its tradition of innovation is combined with master craftsmanship to achieve success. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels is now a global leader company, with sales in over 100 countries. 

With the motto of “inspiring the global cuisine”, one of the countries that the brand is operating worldwide, is Turkey. To develop an effective country-specific digital strategy, as well as reveal the potential of their e-commerce operations, Zwilling Turkey has chosen to work with Inveon GrowthLab for its digital operations. 

As soon as we partnered up, the GrowthLab team started to use its expertise to increase the brand's awareness and loyalty among customers. Our growth experts helped the brand achieve both its global and local goals by developing and implementing digital strategies that boost brand awareness, increase the effect of product launches, and bring in the targeted turnover.

Scope of the inspiring work

Inveon GrowthLab team started by working on increasing brand awareness by means of social media and Google Ad campaigns. The initial focus point was the acquisition of new users. Once Zwilling had gained visibility and recognition, they put in place actions designed to trigger conversion. Our team handled relationships with relevant third parties and the management of remarketing campaigns. 

In addition to these, influencer marketing has been utilized to run successful flows through new store openings and product launches. As keeping the main focus on brand loyalty, a comprehensive RFM analysis is prepared to increase customer retention rates. Finally, Inveon GrowthLab took initiative on marketplace price monitoring and implemented a strategy. All these efforts have resulted in a substantial increase in web traffic and turnover.

During our partnership, Zwilling launched two new products. Each team member of Inveon GrowthLab -from the data analytics to the UX team, from the partnerships team that handles third-party relationships to the performance marketing team- carried out detailed efforts and ensured maximum efficiency from these launches. In this way, significant successes were achieved during the campaign periods compared to previous ones. 

Due to the strategic placement of advertisements, ROAS was increased. Moreover, within the determined strategy, ensured to keep a competitive position by marketplaces through close observation.

What we've accomplished together

Zwilling’s collaborations with Inveon GrowthLab contributed to the achievement of target figures and success beyond the brand’s expectations. Throughout the November campaign period of 2021 some highlights stood out:

  • In November 2021, 80% more conversions and 60% more ROAS were observed from Google ads than in 2020. Resulted 4x more number of orders.
  • The company's Black Friday campaign resulted in more than a 210% increase in the number of orders, even at the same spending rates as the previous year.
  • Even though the company did not have a big campaign during the 11.11 period, its daily turnover has approached 12 times that of a regular day due to effective actions. With 10x more new visitors than the previous year at 11.11.

We continue to get even better results with the combination of Zwilling's pioneering products and advanced customer focus with the data-driven understanding of Inveon GrowthLab.

With a rich heritage of artisan craftsmanship, superior quality standards, and innovation in design, Zwilling promises to meet the needs of customers while providing them with value-added products. People who love good food, great cooking, and well-designed products, recognize Zwilling to meet all their culinary needs while Zwilling recognizes that Inveon’s digital growth management solutions will improve the experience for its customers.

Inveon GrowthLab has the expertise to develop impactful strategies that foster growth and boost brand recognition, offering excellent solutions for growing e-commerce businesses. Through a highly experienced member of experts, our team reveals the potential of e-commerce operations. To gain a better understanding of how to utilize the digital space and increase your brand’s visibility get in touch with our experts now.

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