Sweet Dreams Made Smart: Transforming Online Shopping Journey 

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Established in 1976, Yataş Bedding, a global leader in the bedding industry, has redefined comfort and style with its exquisite range of products and services.

In a strategic alliance initiated in 2017, Yataş Bedding, partnered with Inveon, a preeminent digital commerce solutions provider, established its first online presence in a move to enhance customer accessibility and expand its reach, 

Intuitive UI/UX Design

Success hinges on adaptability. This goes beyond just having online stores; it's about strategically showcasing their offerings. 

Powered by our collaboration, the UX/UI project has redefined the digital storefront, placing users squarely at the forefront of Yataş Bedding website's design and functionality.

Our Product Detail Page underwent a transformation rooted in a UX-centered ethos, aiming to offer users clarity and insight. Through targeted enhancements and expanded content, we empower users to make informed decisions about product sizes, materials, technologies used, warranty periods, fabric quality, and more.

Curating models and their presentation online ensures seamless integration of Yataş’s physical and digital spaces, providing a cohesive experience, allowing customers to browse, explore, and ultimately find the perfect fit.

Data-Driven Personalization

Different types of beds meet different sleeping preferences. Plus, finding the right mattress that fits and supports your body matters. 

With Smart Match,  a system to remove the ambiguity of selecting the best bed mattress for customers, Yataş can analyze its customers perfect bed mattresses in just three minutes with the details such as Usage, Name, Gender, Age, Sleeping Position, Height, Weight, Trouser Size, Shirt Size, Any Pains, Sweating Problems, and Allergies.

Smart Match aims to increase the customer satisfaction of Yataş mattresses from 97.8% to 100%. This strategic move, fueled by a nimble design and commerce approach, guarantees a website perfectly aligned with market demands, setting the stage for a resounding success.

Third-Party Integrations

Gone are the days when e-commerce meant frustration for customers. With Inveon at the helm, Yataş embarks on a journey of expansion, leveraging a powerhouse of leading third-party applications including Craftgate, PersonaClick and Mobildev. 

  • Streamlined and Cost-effective Payments Process: Our third party integrations empower the brand to leverage the full potential of its existing payment methods by intelligently routing transactions for maximum advantage.
  • Increased Revenue through Personalization: Yataş Bedding offers a personalized sleep experience by implementing an advanced machine learning engine that dynamically creates actionable customer segments for tailored marketing strategies.

Success lies in the details. Yataş, as a top brand, goes beyond demographics to understand why customers choose them, mapping every interaction, big or small. Through a strategic alliance with Inveon, Yataş’s e-commerce platform has achieved transformative growth, exemplifying the synergy of robust technology and deep industry expertise.

Inveon’s solutions focus on style, quality, and fostering a lasting customer connection, ultimately shaping a differentiated and reliable user experience for a broader audience.

"Yataş prioritizes providing exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints," says Ulvi Acar —Director of E-commerce at Yataş, "Our partnership with Inveon, a leader in digital commerce solutions, is a testament to this commitment. Inveon's comprehensive approach to growth strategies has a proven track record of yielding outstanding results, and we're confident this collaboration will further elevate the Yataş online experience."

Consequently, as one of the world's leading brands that prioritize sleep health, technology, comfort and quality, Yataş Bedding continues to set the standard for excellence in the bedding and furniture industries.

Digital transformation awaits, contact us today.

Rest easy, we've got this. 

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