Güneş MitraniHead of GrowthLab


Güneş was born on the 21st of July 1986, in Istanbul. She graduated from Işık University’s Faculty of Information Technologies in 2009. She has been involved in the e-commerce industry for 13 years.

Mitrani started her career by managing e-commerce channels of Turkey’s leading retail companies, such as Mavi, Boyner and Roman. She has taken part in the projects of the first sales on Facebook and the creation of CRM structure. During her time as the E-Commerce Marketing Manager at Defacto, the company rose up to rank 2nd among the biggest mono-brand retailers in Turkey.

She led the team that conducted the first omnichannel project in Turkey. She restructured the marketing department of FLO in a short period as the E-commerce Marketing Manager and played a big role in the increase of the company’s e-commerce volume by 2.5 times in a year.

As the Head of GrowthLab in Inveon, she helps companies increase their revenues with digital marketing, 3rd party management, data analysis and e-commerce-focused management consultancy.