Turgut GürsoyBoard Advisor


Turgut Gürsoy is the chairman of Lidya Ventures and its portfolio companies Agito and Enocta, and has several board seats in various companies as an entrepreneur.

Turgut Gürsoy, graduate of Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Engineering, started his professional career in 1984 as a design engineer. He served in Transteknik Holding between 1986-1989 and worked as a technical manager. In 1989 he established Probil company. He initiated and established Proservis and Pronetwork in 1995 and 1997 respectively. He got his first private equity fund from EMEA Technology Investment in 2000 and merged Probil, Proservis, Pronetwork, Teknobim and Bordata under the name of Probil AS. He sold one of Probil’s subsidiary company, Bizitek to Ericsson in 2009, and sold 100% of Probil to Netas in 2011. He served as the chairman of TUBISAD between 2008 and 2012 and is still active as a board member.