The future agenda of the growing e-commerce market discussed in Webrazzi Summit

Webrazzi Summit, which we are always happy to be a part of, took place on October 21 & 22 on a digital platform this year. The event hosted leading industry professionals, digital entrepreneurs, solutions providers, retailers, and investors in several panels and sessions. Our managing partner Yomi Kastro attended a panel with Murat Emirdağ, CEO of one of the leading companies in the e-commerce sector, Hepsiburada. They discussed the future agenda of e-commerce.

Moderator Buğra Ferah’s first question was about whether the increase in e-commerce after pandemic will be lasting. Yomi Kastro said that a permanent growth is expected and companies should plan their investments accordingly. Research that Inveon conducted with UNCTAD and NetComm Suisse shows continuous increment especially in Turkey and China among 9 research countries. Kastro suggested that according to the report at least 60% of the current volume increase will be lasting.

Transformation of 7 years achieved in 7 weeks

“After the Covid-19 outbreak, we experienced the 7-year e-commerce transformation in 7 weeks.” Kastro stated. On the framework drawn by Kastro, Hepsiburada CEO Murat Emirdağ explained the digital transformation of the brand during the pandemic period.

In the panel macro trend expectations in e-commerce for 2021 are also discussed. 

Yomi Kastro told that both with offices and partnerships located in Turkey, London, Dubai and Geneva,  Inveon experiences both local and global best practices. He pointed out some of the trends that stand out as a result of the insights they have gained with this collective knowledge.

Advanced logistics capabilities, customization and agility

Stating that the logistics capabilities of e-commerce companies will determine the future, Kastro emphasized that in the future, technologies that filter services according to their logistic capabilities will be included in our routines. According to Kastro; in the near future, not only content and product advice, but also personalized price and campaign suggestions will be on the agenda in providing personalization.

While the concept of agility was a positive differentiation feature before the pandemic, it became the most important issue of the new era. Agility has become an essential element to ensure that institutions’ existence in the competitive industry.

Inveon’s roadmap

Kastro mentioned the future plans of Inveon as well. “We have focused on producing new generation e-commerce technologies for the last 3 years and we will launch our new product within a few months. 2021 will be a year in which we reap the fruits of our long-term investments,” he said. He also added that Inveon will continue to strengthen its presence in Europe.

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