There’s no turning back to the old normal

We became the main sponsor of the online conference, Future Commerce 360 Loading, in order to discuss the fastest ways in which companies can grow their e-commerce presence, and share insights and experiences with industry leaders. 

Who has stood out during this period?

Emir Alkaş, our Managing Partner made the opening speech. He underlined that the pandemic affected the e-commerce industry like the first McDonald’s in Moscow; and with this impact, e-commerce has reached a point where there’s no turning back. Alkaş discussed how some firms remained successful during this difficult period and mentioned three common capabilities they have: a powerful technology infrastructure, well-organized human resources, and agile decision-making mechanisms.

Leading digital transformation for 14 years now

Our Partner Moris Kastro joined the panel “Are you ready to keep up with the e-commerce transformation?” with Mete Yurddaş, CEO of Watsons Turkey, Mutlu Erturan, CCO of Hepsiburada, Burak Kılıç, UPS Turkey Country Manager, and Sedat Kılıç, CEO of Related Digital. 

He emphasized that as Inveon, we have been involved in the digital transformation process since 2006, and we’re confidently ready for what the future and the ‘new normal’ brings. He mentioned that “As Inveon, we took over the responsibility of ensuring the sustainability of retail and consumer goods industries. We anticipate that after 2021, even after physical stores have mostly recovered, e-commerce will continue to be the driving force behind growth. There is no reason for firms that can provide a good online shopping experience to not set high hopes for 2020. It is important that companies pay attention to their infrastructure, human resources, and agile management capabilities, and develop long term strategies. I would like to underline that first and foremost, technology is just a tool, and the real digital revolution happens in the minds of people.”

Personalization and competent talent will gain even more importance

Furthermore, Kastro pointed out that even cutting edge technologies might not be useful when there is not enough competent talent within a company. He also stated that data is important but analyzing it correctly and having the capabilities to put it into action are what creates real results.

Kastro stated that with the new normal, consumer behaviors and expectations will not be the same and companies should be prepared for this. He concluded his words as follows: “We must understand customers and provide them with the right messages. In this regard, communication and personalized promotions will definitely come to the fore.”

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