Inveon and Watsons celebrated 11.11 Online Shopping Fest by raising the bar once again!

Watsons, the world’s leading beauty and personal care products chain, and Inveon, the digital commerce partner that provides high customer satisfaction through its powerful products and quality services, shared the results of the 11.11 Online Shopping Festival. Every year, there are discounts worldwide on 11.11. Singles’ Day, which was first celebrated by China, spread to the world reaching Turkey with rapidly increasing online shoppers.

The previous campaign conducted in 2018 earned Watsons Turkey the “Online Marketing Campaign of the Year” Stevies Award. This year, the number of total products sold were multiplied by 2,2 in comparison to the previous campaign, raising the bar even higher.

165,000+ products sold throughout the campaign!

Watsons customers bought more than 165,000 products at the 11.11 Online Shopping Festival. While the number of visitors were multiplied by around 5, the page to session ratio increased by 67% compared to the last 30 days. This led to a significant increase in the conversion rate, reaching a value of 8%. Furthermore, Watsons gained 9.4 times more new members than the last 30 days’ daily average.

78% of the total revenue was generated by mobile.

Mobile revenue constituted of around four-fifths of the total revenue generated throughout the online festival. While mobile users accounted for 90% of all traffic, 1 in 4 visitors came from social media. The online campaign was managed in real time by the Watsons and Inveon team who interpret the data and take instant marketing actions.

111 products in a single basket!

One of the shopping enthusiasts, who showed great interest in Watsons campaign, added 111 products to their basket. The number of products sold in 1 minute reached 217 at peak moments. The interest shown in the eyeshadow palettes surprised everyone. The total number of the eyeshadow palettes sold reached 12 Eiffel Towers in length!

Watsons 11.11 Online Shopping Festival proved Inveon’s incredible success again this year with a 100% uptime ratio.

The results show the marvelous impact of the agile digital campaign management conducted by the Watsons and Inveon team who have scheduled the digital marketing efforts according to real time data results.

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