Getting Ready for Ramadan Campaign Period 2022

by Inveon in March 9th, 2022

Last year, Ramadan passed with limited activities within the scope of global pandemic measures. The tables set up to come together with family and loved ones were quieter than in previous years, but this year, with the ease of the pandemic measures, it seems more possible to gather the crowds for the old enthusiastic Ramadan feasts.

During the holy month of Ramadan, individuals typically consume and purchase more, particularly in Muslim-majority countries. Earth is home to more than 1.9 billion Muslims and there will be many people taking part in Ramadan celebrations across the world. Increasing shopping habits during Ramadan also means a time when online retailers can develop sincere relationships with their consumers while offering opportunities and creative campaigns.

This year, Ramadan will begin on Tuesday, April 2, and will end on Sunday, May 1st. With the changing and digitalizing lifestyle, the increase in people's preference for online channels for shopping came to the fore in Ramadan last year. The same trend is likely to continue into this year as well. Companies must understand the dynamics of the Ramadan period and how they may interact with consumers authentically throughout the month.

Shopping Behaviors During Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a period that shapes customers’ daily lives. Dynamics of the period shape the hours of people's activities such as sleeping, socializing, and shopping. According to a poll conducted by Facebook, for 51% of respondents, Ramadan is the time to get the best deals and promotions. Based on the same data, we can say that the Ramadan period is a time when the excitement of shopping reaches its peak.

The excitement of Ramadan is a factor that triggers the desire to shop in advance for most people. We can analyze the Ramadan shopping behavior of consumers by dividing them into periods. In the first part, a few weeks before Ramadan, consumers begin to prepare their homes for their loved ones; they do research that focuses on inspiring things like deciding what meals to cook or buying new home decoration items. 

In the light of the information shared by Meta, for the first week of Ramadan, which we can name as the second phase, the data shows that conversions peak around 3-4 a.m. during suhoor (meal before dawn during Ramadan), and likes increase throughout the night. An increase of 52% was observed in online recipes searches during iftar hours -the evening meal time during Ramadan. Shopping in the health category also sees an increase in this period. As Eid approaches, which begins with the end of Ramadan, search contents are replaced by gift categories for the last purchasing phase of the period.

Make Your Campaign More Effective

There can be a lot of opportunities for e-commerce brands to meet consumers and increase sales through online channels during Ramadan. Implementing the following ideas might help to develop better and more creative Ramadan campaigns for your business.

>> Special Campaigns for Certain New Times of the Day

During Ramadan, Muslims' everyday routines change. They get up at late hours at night to do prayers and eat their first meal of the day. In many Muslim countries, they are specific tv shows and social activities for people during these night times. 

Based on Criteo's research, sales at 4 a.m. are 17% higher than on a typical day during Ramadan time. This shows that people are more likely to shop online when they are up for their rituals. These times (between 3 - 4 a.m.) might be the best to optimize a Ramadan campaign to apply your e-store.

>> Social & Visual Content

Ramadan is a time mostly linked with concepts of reflection and togetherness. Creating Ramadan campaigns accordingly would be a smart move for e-commerce brands to stand out in the market in this competitive time of year. 

Showing off your product in a fun and creative way through the use of videos, gifs, and engaging captions can be an effective way to get attention. Also, Ramadan campaigns encouraging socialization may help you to bond with your audience emotionally. To launch such campaigns for a special time like Ramadan, you need experts who understand the customer data and develop the right strategies. Inveon’s digital growth management team, GrowthLab is here to help you to create successful digital campaigns with their extensive experience and wide know-how.

>> More Time on Mobile

E-commerce applications are one of the most popular apps during the Ramadan period. According to Adjust data, there was a 34% increase in sessions and a 63% increase in revenue events in Ramadan compared to the previous month.

It can be seen in the graph below; before Eid, users who purchased last-minute gifts and prepared for the celebrations are at peak level. During the 2022 Ramadan period, online retailers can expect similar behavior and built their campaigns in line with these findings for better sales and customer satisfaction.

>> Personalization as Always

Providing personalized experiences for consumers is important in today's retail environment and, during special times like Ramadan, people want to feel even more special. Consumers prefer brands that provide content that makes them feeş seen and represented, as well as material that is empowering and authentic according to Facebook’s Interactive Ramadan Report. Creating personalized and user-centric localized content allows marketers to communicate directly with customers.

It is possible with a highly personalized Ramadan campaign, e-commerce brands can strengthen the brand image and increase positive perception.

>> Better Together

As the pandemic measures overshadowed the past years' Ramadan celebrations and gatherings, people’s desire to get together with their families and loved ones is more than ever. When optimizing a campaign it is important to highlight these thoughtful actions for your audience. Giving them reasons to be with people more will create a positive impact on your consumers and give them an idea about how your brand cares about them. This way, you can build long-term relationships between your brand and its customers by taking advantage of the unique and exciting opportunities offered during the month of Ramadan.

Meet the Expectations for Holy Month

The month of Ramadan this year will be as excited as the previous versions among consumers. This special period which will be celebrated by a significant part of the world also requires special measures for brands that prepare their online assets. It should be the priority of every e-commerce brand to be able to respond to consumers’ needs and to offer a seamless experience. Creating the necessary Ramadan marketing materials to highlight your online store, preparing every e-commerce asset to handle increasing traffic and attract visitors is the key of every business that wants to get successful results. For the vast majority of consumers, the month of Ramadan also creates an expectation of discounts and promotions. It is clear that the brands that will invest in building the right experiences will make the most of this season.

It might sound difficult to deal with the increasing demands for e-commerce brands for such an intensive period but with the Inveon GrowthLab team, your business can stand out. GrowthLab assists your business with creating successful approaches that increase growth and brand differentiation. You can benefit from our qualified experts to support your brand perception and develop strong connections with your target audience. Contact us today for delivering better campaigns and customer experiences in this year's Ramadan!

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