Inveon inCommerce:

One-stop digital commerce platform for enterprises

Inveon inCommerce is a robust digital commerce platform that provides you an agile way to build, launch and grow your e-commerce business across channels, marketplaces and partners.

Inveon Omnichannel Commerce

Be everywhere your customers are

Inveon App-Commerce

Create personalized, branded mobile app experiences

Inveon Order Management System

Offer flawless order fulfillment while ensuring speed and accuracy

Inveon Marketplace Integrator

Integrate & manage marketplace presence through a single platform 


Inveon Omnichannel Commerce

Bring your brand to life consistently across mobile, social and retail with the best possible shopping experience with inCommerce.


Perform Better, Get More Customer Engagement & Sales

Inveon makes it possible to deliver a high-quality shopping experience every time, every order, and every channel.


Exceptional High Performance.

Enjoy high performance, ease of integrations and maximum speed through microservice architecture. The mobile-first structure offers a frictionless, fast shopping experience on both mobile and web. 

Omnichannel Experience, Single platform

Integrate your brick-and-mortar store, web store, app, marketplaces and social platforms - manage your orders and products from one place! inCommerce bridges the gap between physical and digital retail.

Supreme Flexibility & Customization

inCommerce built to adapt to all your needs. Through API-based headless structure, easily customize your platform. Thanks to the cloud-agnostic nature, you have the freedom to choose any cloud provider.


Focus What Really Matters: Your Customers

inCommerce provides a central, end-to-end solution to manage your e-commerce operation from discovery to distribution. Thus, you don’t handle operational complexities and instead spare your effort to get more customers.


Order and Inventory Management Tools

Create dynamic customer segments, optimize low-stock inventory across warehouses, automate order fulfillment and unlock hyper-efficiency across the board.

Flexible Content Management System

inCommerce's content management system makes it super easy to manage your entire store's content from a single browser-based interface.

Integrate with Marketplaces

With inCommerce's built-in integrations with top global marketplaces, you can expand the distribution of your products from day one.


Launch your new global e-commerce presence across countries

Allow customers to find exactly what they want no matter what country they live in or what language they speak.

Multi-currency, multi-language

inCommerce storefronts provide checkout in the currencies that your customers prefer, including CHF, EUR, USD, GBP and more. Your store comes ready to launch in English, German and French, and new language translations can be added anytime from the dashboard.

Discover different markets

Discover opportunities in various new markets and enhance the scope of your operations. With inCommerce’s easily managed panel, manage them all from a single point.

Global trusted partner network

inCommerce partners with the best-in-class providers across the entire operations from payments to logistics and the entire lifecycle from customer acquisition to loyalty.


Harness high traffic through scalable nature and enjoy premium security

Gain peace of mind with a platform-independent auto-scale microservice architecture, frequent security updates, multiple backups and regular audits.

  • 99.8% Uptime
  • DDOS Protection
  • Daily Pickups
  • PCI Compliant Payments
  • Regular Audits
  • Rapid response SLAs

Inveon App-Commerce

Offer location-based, personalized promotions and loyalty programs, provide your customers a seamless mobile brand experience. 

Flexible infrastructure

Provide a superior mobile shopping experience, fully integrated with your omnichannel commerce platform.

Real-Time Promotions

Offer location-based and real-time promotions with push notifications, limited-time offers, and instant campaigns developed for specific stores.

In-Store Shopping Assistant

Real-time inventory and product information and in-store navigation with a QR and barcode reader. Gather reviews and improve customer experience.

Exceptional Customer Support

Enable your customers to view order history, track shipment and status updates. Use FAQs and the in-app call center.

Low-code Design Wizard

Simple and flexible content management system without a need for software development.


Inveon Order Management System (OMS)

Facilitate the order fulfillment process by matching orders with the most suitable inventory and providing the most efficient execution scenarios for flawless fulfillment and ensure speed and accuracy.


Boost up your omnichannel experience

View all orders from all channels including physical stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, and websites through a single system. Create and manage dynamic order fulfillment flows.

Efficient management of your digital commerce operations

Through built-in algorithms, procure the easiest and most efficient fulfillment scenario. Decrease operational costs with smart inventory management.

Ready for all channels

Easily integrate with all channels including different marketplaces and implement a variety of shipment scenarios such as click and collect.


Inveon Marketplace Integrator

Integrate to all marketplaces and manage your channel presence through a single platform.


Sell on multiple marketplaces

Manage your product information, listings and sales on multiple marketplaces.

Track performance on a single panel

Easily integrate with all channels including different marketplaces and implement a variety of shipment scenarios such as click and collect.

Real-time synchronization

Enjoy the real-time and accurate flow of information.


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