How to increase organic traffic for an e-commerce website?   

by Inveon in January 24th, 2022

Having a site that ranks at the top of search engine results is crucial for any business, especially those who are in an e-commerce niche. E-Commerce businesses have a higher risk of getting competitive and a failure in performing well on search engines. So, search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful and definitely a necessary tool for any e-commerce business. 

Let’s see why SEO is important for an e-commerce store’s success and how it can be used to get more visitors and sales.

Why is SEO that important to e-commerce?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the backbone of driving organic traffic to your e-commerce website. However, SEO isn’t just limited to propelling sales on a particular platform—it can also enhance brand value and help to build a solid reputation in the public’s eye.

Studies indicate that only 25% of the users visit the second page within the presented search results. So if you want to scale the number of visits you are getting while also strengthening the brand position, it is crucial to have a powerful SEO strategy in place.

Best practices in improving SEO performance: Case Studies

E-commerce websites might be some of the most complex websites to optimize in terms of SEO because they have a vast number of aspects that need to be tuned in order to rank well. For striving to bring an e-commerce website to the next level by improving SEO, then several aspects including but not limited to content quality, technical SEO, and link building should be improved.

To successfully improve those elements, specialists build the right strategy among all these variables and take the appropriate actions for your brand. Just as the expert members of the Inveon GrowthLab team optimize brands’ assets to provide your brand with greater searchability and visibility. Through technical optimization, content optimization, new keyword and competition analysis, website analysis, and supporting the execution strategy, they create success stories every day.

Inveon GrowthLab experts of SEO helped various brands to optimize their e-commerce websites for maximum organic search visibility, here are some examples:

>> Increasing conversion rate for clicks

For a fast-rising sports retailer's website, to increase impressions and click-through rates, search console performance was analyzed, and detailed studies were conducted. It was aimed to increase the click and impression values ​​by optimizing the existing category pages according to search queries, and the following steps were taken for this purpose:

  • According to the Search Console data, the queries that gained impressions but did not gain or gained significantly fewer clicks were determined.
  • The performance before and after migration periods were compared. Queries whose click-through and impression rates decreased after the migration were determined.
  • For the queries determined from the above methodologies, query-based optimizations were made to the meta fields and SEO category contents.
  • Also, in order to gain more clicks and impressions ​​from new search queries, new category pages were created.

In the 3-month period observed after these actions, an 15% increase in clicks ​​was observed compared to the previous period. Performing detailed studies by targeting queries with high impressions but low clicks effectively increased CTR.

>>  On-page SEO improvements to boost performance

For an international home textile retailer, after the necessary audits, both content and technical improvements were made to reach higher rankings. After these audits; the following on-page edits have been made:

  • Broken links removed.
  • High-size images optimized for page speed.
  • User Generated URLs (UGU) disallowed with Robots.txt to optimize crawl budget, prevented crawling of non-indexable URLs.
  • The Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) score improved.

For technical improvements, structured data was added to the website. Our goal was to improve Googlebot's understanding of website content. As a result, traffic increase was targeted through on-page SEO optimizations like the meta title and description.

In the 3-month period observed after this detailed work, a 56% increase in clicks was observed compared to the previous period.

>> Targeting non-branded inquiries to tap into potential

In order to increase the SEO performance of a leading global outdoor sportswear brand, a special study was conducted to get traffic from non-branded search queries. As inquiries such as "women's coats" / "raincoat models" are more diverse and have a higher search density, the strategy formed accordingly.

Our main goal in targeting non-branded search queries was to increase the clicks gained from potential customers who did not decide on the brand but decided on the product group needed. 

In the on-page SEO process we have carried out in this regard;

  • New category pages opened.
  • Technical errors determined after SEO audit fixed.
  • In accordance with search queries; Meta fields of category pages are optimized. To gain traffic in different category-related search queries, content enhancement has been made to product listing pages.

In the 3-month period observed after the actions, a 49% increase in click-through rate and a 120% increase in impression rate were observed compared to the previous period.

Experts you can trust

Search engine optimization done right can be the difference between an OK e-commerce store and a monster e-commerce store. 

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in today's hectic world of e-commerce, then you need to keep investing in effective SEO. It's a long-term strategy and it's definitely worth it. Inveon GrowthLab can provide you with a skilled team that can get your e-commerce website back on top of search rankings, delivering targeted web traffic and converting them into loyal customers who will bring you long-term increased revenue.

With the comprehensive SEO strategies provided by Inveon GrowthLab, you’ll be able to reach new customer bases, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales across the board. Get in touch with our experts today!

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