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Stay connected to your customers

The app-commerce platform, Mobular, provides your customers with a seamless mobile brand experience. Become more connected than ever and build better relationships with your customers by offering location-based, personalized promotions and loyalty programs.

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Provide the best brand experience on mobile

Integrate modules based on your needs and build better customer relationships than ever.

Flexible App-Commerce Infrastructure

Develop and provide a superior mobile shopping experience with your React Native app, integrated with your omnichannel commerce platform.

In-Store Shopping Assistant

Provide inventory and product information, and ease your customers’ in-store navigation with a QR and barcode reader. Receive feedback regarding the customer service in each store through the store-specific pages where customers can leave reviews.

Design Wizard

Change the layout of your app-store easily with a simple and flexible content management system, with no need for software development.

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Loyalty Program

Increase your customers’ loyalty and lifetime value by developing personalized and location-based promotions. Your customers can log in using the information of their physical loyalty cards, view and spend points, and win new badges/rewards.

Real-Time Promotions

Offer location-based and real-time promotions with push notifications, limited-time offers, and instant promotions developed for specific stores.

Exceptional Customer Support

Enable your customers to view order history, track shipment and status updates, as well as get help from FAQs or the in-app call center.

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