Don't Let the Name Scare You: Headless Commerce 

by Inveon in August 27th, 2021

What sounds good for your online store? If you answered a robust, scalable, fully integrated e-commerce platform that requires no headaches when it comes to set up and use, you’re in luck. A headless commerce platform is bringing new functionalities to the e-commerce market that modern developers have been requesting for a long time.

Well, what is headless e-commerce? Though the name can make it sound a little strange, headless can make a lot of sense! In this article, we'll look at what that means and outline why it’s important for you as an e-commerce business owner or manager to know about it. Then we will cover how to get started. 

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless Commerce is a revolutionary approach to modern-day e-commerce. E-commerce businesses are quickly moving to a headless commerce model, where the front-end and back-end are separated. In headless commerce, the front end is your e-commerce storefront that users visit and shop on, while the back end is the set of features that power your business.

In a headless structure, all the mechanisms that will power your operation in the background belong to the backend system, which can be named as “body”. Core commerce functions run in the background within the body and are built separately from the part that interacts with the consumer, which can be named as “head”. The head and the body talk with each other through APIs.

Through this structure, a robust backend system can meet with the customer through different front designs. Think of it like a multi-purpose screwdriver that you can find in a construction store. The engine is located in the body part and for different needs head can be changed easily. 

To deliver all the digital experiences you want to offer your customers, all you need is a robust and powerful headless platform and your creativity.

Benefits of a Headless Platform

Headless commerce allows you to focus on providing the best customer experience possible without worrying about handling a monolithic system as a whole. Headless commerce empowers you to build versatile e-commerce entities, compete in the market and grow your business while being less concerned with operational complexities.

Flexible and Independent

Through headless structure, in case of a need for a new feature or improvement, you can take much faster actions by only changing the relevant entity instead of renewing the whole system. This provides a wider playground that you can use your creativity and allows time and cost savings.

This flexible architecture and development approach enables us to bring functionality and scalable growth while allowing us to develop advanced omnichannel experiences and deliver more suitable setups to your customers.

In this way, your priority becomes not how to bring your ideas to life, but what you can imagine more.

Fast and Agile

Business agility is the capacity to adapt quickly and effectively to rapidly changing market dynamics. Agility is dynamic: it implies a shifting balance among different organizational functions competing for resources. The agile enterprise must evolve constantly, updating its tactics in response to opportunities as they arise and threats as they appear. The result is an ever-shifting set of processes that run parallel to one another, but never in lockstep. The headless structure provides exactly the level of agility your business needs.

A headless commerce architecture allows business owners to create available commerce assets on different touchpoints with minimum effort and maximum delivery. Decoupled front end and back end provide a high level of speed while launching these assets.

Customized and Seamless

Customers today want more than just a great product at a good price. They want an e-commerce platform that provides excellent service along with a user-friendly environment and an experience that is unique to them.

Headless commerce is enhancing the user experience and removing friction from the online purchasing journey. While designing the user experience in the headless structure, not being tied to the back end, increases the customization capacity. This paves the way for a more customizable interface that is more tailored to the customer's experience, hence customer satisfaction.

How to Get Started?

The decision to start using a headless commerce platform is an important one. At the stage of making this decision, most professionals often show concern with the construction of the front end. Since, most headless service providers do not also provide a frontend design, making this decision can be a little daunting challenge.

When considering whether you want to use a headless platform, it’s necessary to address the process of the frontend design as early as possible. If your corporation has the necessary workforce to handle this task, then you don't have much to worry about. However, if not? This is where Inveon comes to the picture. 

We have addressed this issue and created something new. We’ve built a brand new headless commerce platform, one that is infinitely scalable, robust, and fully integrated with third-party applications. As a bonus, our platform requires no headaches when it comes to setting up a frontend design -- through a cool layout editor.

It doesn’t always require a full — and expensive — team of developers to have a headless platform and build a holistic e-commerce presence. At Inveon, if you need it, it is also our job to create inspiring customer experiences and customer touchpoints with our expert UI & UX team and competent developer crew.

We have built a headless commerce platform that makes the process easy and painless. It’s a powerful & versatile solution that doesn’t hold you back, instead, it helps you advance in your operation. It enables you to spend more time on your business and less on maintaining and upgrading your e-commerce systems. Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply looking to integrate an e-commerce solution into your existing workflows, our platform will allow you to move towards growth and success faster than ever before.

Take Action Now

For the digital professional of today, becoming a one-stop shop for their clients is more important than ever. With so much competition in the digital market, it can be difficult to attract customers and have them become loyal ones. To stand out from the competition and reach your business objectives, the most essential element is having an e-commerce platform that satisfies your needs through supreme performance and capabilities.

To provide that through an advanced structure, the headless commerce revolution has been quietly gathering pace in the background of e-commerce over the last couple of years. If you’ve not become a part of this trend yet, it’s time for you to jump on board.

Inveon offers an exceptional headless commerce experience, enabling high performance, high reliability, and ease of use for enterprise companies

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