An advanced omnichannel wholesale grocery structure: Bizim Toptan 

in June 2nd, 2021

Bizim Toptan, which started its activities in 2001 with 14 stores, today has become the largest cash & carry player in Turkey with its 174 stores and operations both in B2B and B2C markets. Through a wide range of customer types, both corporate and individual, such as grocery stores, supermarkets, specialized retailers, hotels, restaurants, and cafes, the brand wholesales the products of many well-known brands, especially in the main consumer products categories.

Bizim Toptan’s digital journey began in 2017, and 3 years later, they took important steps to move their success further with the increase in brand performance and innovative approaches. They started working with Inveon in their search for an infrastructure that could meet their unique business manner and specialized needs, and they chose Inveon’s robust, agile and customizable e-commerce platform. The project aimed to build an omnichannel structure that offers customers a seamless shopping journey.

Throughout the project, the Inveon team created a complex structure to meet the brand’s needs and uplift the performance. Some of the prominent features of the project are as follows:

Dynamic price set-ups

Bizim Toptan offers dynamic pricing in different product groups, types, and classes. There are also different options that change pricing, such as shipping or delivery from the store. An advanced algorithm is used that determines the price for each individual user in line with the criteria set for more than 200 customer groups and 175 different stores defined in the system. A highly complex and effective price management has been implemented thanks to the algorithm that reviews all these different parameters and makes correct calculations according to their priority order for every customer segment.

In order to ensure this pricing system works properly, the brand’s CRM system and our platform work together. Any consumer who wants to make a purchase from Bizim Toptan, either from online or offline channels is directed to register. When a customer registers, the system checks whether this customer is already registered or not by checking the data collected from both online and offline channels. Thus, it is ensured that customers are not duplicated in CRM and the data is stored cleanly.

Slot management for a seamless omnichannel experience

As a part of the omnichannel structure, Bizim Toptan offers an in-store pick-up option for delivery. For in-store delivery, we built a slot management system to run the delivery processes more conveniently both for the customers and the employees.

When a customer chooses this delivery method our system provides available time slots and while providing these options makes a calculation in the background. Our algorithm checks the delivery capacity of the selected store according to the number of employees and orders if necessary manage the slots to balance the workload and this way make sure every order will be ready to go at the determined period.

Also, these arrangements can be done from the brand’s side easily through the admin panel. In this way, managing the logistics operation becomes easier and convenient especially for the rush hours.

Distinctive campaigns

Campaign structures for the Bizim Toptan have also been implemented in a different way than usual. Because the brand’s operations are conducted both in B2B and B2C, the needed campaign structures were prepared to take into account the differing needs of the brand. An example of this is dynamic campaign structures that offer different discount rates or change the unit price as the number of products changes. In addition, different discounts can be defined for each group in different product groups classified as pieces, packages, and parcels.

Through the capabilities of our platform, Bizim Toptan is now providing a comprehensive digital presence both with the e-commerce website and app built by Inveon. With the vision to be the partner of product providers on both the product and marketing side, they continue to expand their business network and hence increase the competitive advantage within the market.

Bizim Toptan takes its digital success to the next level with the Inveon team. Being aware of the fact that the market needs innovative models out of traditional heritage, Bizim Toptan and Inveon are working to make a difference. Our successful collaboration will continue to create unique projects with new and exciting features to raise the bar even higher.

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